Vintage Crocheted Pillow

I saw a pattern for a beautiful, round, vintage pillow in the Woman's Weekly Vintage Pattern Magazine and immediately knew I had to make it. I had this gorgeous Malabrigo yarn (colorway English Rose) in my stash and decided to use it for this pillow. It's a wonderful pattern and is coming together very nicely.

Dawn Regan-Vintage Round Pillow Crochet

This is only halfway through the pattern, so it will be a good size pillow. I'm thinking it will look pretty in my granddaughter's room. :)

Until next time...

Lady by the Bay


  1. Hi, Ive seen this pattern in another blog and since then I´m searching for it bt cannot find. The magazin insßt available here in Germany, and so is the issue at Google Play. PLease, could you help me with the pattern? I would be very glad. :-)

    1. Hi. I subscribe to the magazine through the iTunes store and got it that way. I'm not sure about Google Play as I've never used that. Try getting it through iTunes instead. :)


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