Hi. I’m Dawn and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our labrador retriever. I’m originally from the east coast and relocated here 18 years ago. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, as I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful place.

I'm a very creative person and am almost always making something, whether it be sewn, knitted, crocheted, or embroidered. My hands are rarely idle. I'm self taught and am continually learning new techniques and skills that have anything to do with being creative. I'm constantly wanting to explore and learn new things and am amazed at the possibilities of what one can create.

I have a huge appreciation for our planet and nature. When making things and choosing materials, I appreciate simplicity, and am drawn toward things that are natural and organic. When I source materials, I hold in mind what I would want to handle, what it took to bring it to the point of its existence, how it will hold up over time, and where it will end up at the end of its life.

When I'm not making things I'm usually out exploring and taking pictures. I've loved photography since I was a young girl. I created this blog to share and document some of the places I visit and things I see, as well as projects I create and some recipes here and there.

Hopefully you enjoy some of what I have to share here with you and that I inspire you in some way. I wish you a beautiful day.