Simple House Slippers - Part II

I learned a lesson about knitting slippers. Put some sort of bottoms on them. Unfortunately, the first pair I knit had holes worn in them quite quickly. I was so bummed. I love them so much that I just kept wearing them, but decided to go ahead and knit another pair.

I did a little research to find out how to make them last longer and found these slipper bottoms. So I knit another pair, this time in a yarn with several more plies than the first (I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter) and went down a couple needle sizes from the recommendation on the yarn, that way I could knit a denser fabric. It worked perfectly, and the slipper bottoms are amazing. Now I can knit a bunch more and just sew these bottoms on them. I plan on making a couple for mother's day gifts.

Pattern is Simple House Slippers by Temple Knits, knitted with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Blanket Fort colorway.