WIPs and Blooms

Spring is coming alive in my garden! I absolutely love this time of year with the feeling of renewal. It makes me want to start new projects and get out in the garden. All of the little wildflowers that we planted last year are popping up and some of the roses are starting to bloom.

I'm currently working on a pretty, textured hat and a shawl that is perfect for spring.

Pollen Hat by Andrea Mowry. Knitting with The Fibre Co. Organik in the Coral Reef colorway

I'm currently reading this book by Katie Daisy - How to be a Wildflower. I can't say enough good things about it. The illustrations and drawings in here are so lovely, and I just love the gentle reminders to enjoy nature and the outdoors. It's so calming, refreshing and inspiring.

Oceanbound by Melanie Berg. Knitting with A Verb for Keeping Warm Flock, dyed with indigo