Current WIPs

Lately I've been wanting to cast on everything! I usually like to have no more than three wips (works in progress) at once, but at the moment I have a couple more than that. I think I can blame that on my new addiction to knitting socks, as I have a couple pair going at once right now. 

My favorite project I'm knitting at the moment is this Whispering Island Shawl by Helen Stewart. This is such a fun pattern! The yarn I'm using is a gorgeous hand dyed French wool by Melody of Mandarine's. I can't even begin to tell you how soft this wool is. And the color is divine! She makes the most beautiful yarn and I want to knit all the things with it.

I actually have two shawls going at the moment. The second I'm working on is Oceanbound by Melanie Berg. I'm knitting this with A Verb For Keeping Warm hand dyed indigo yarn called Flock in the denim colorway. It's knitting up so beautifully.

One goal I had this year was to knit colorwork. I figured I'd start out small, so I'm participating in a KAL for these pretty spring flower mitts. The pattern is Small Flower Mitts by Leigh Miller and Ann Myhre. I love the way they're knitting up. I will say that I have some work to do on learning how to carry the floats and work the ends in as I go (there are a lot of ends inside that mitt!), but I'm really loving working on them and getting the practice. The yarn I'm using is so amazing. It's Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift and I just can't get enough of it. 

So, that's usually my limit -- three items on the needles. Well, I have two more, and they are both socks. One I'm loving and the other not so much.

This first pair is a pattern called Drop It by Andrea Salin. Basically you knit several rows and then drop stitches up above. I think it's actually fun to drop the stitches, but this yarn doesn't like to cooperate so much, which makes it not so fun. I'm using Madelinetosh Merino Light in the White Wash colorway. It's a single ply, so I guess I should have expected as much with this yarn. I was about halfway through the second sock when I noticed a mistake several rows back. I tried ripping back, but ended up having to rip all the way back to the cuff because I just couldn't figure out each row and where I was with those dropped stitches. So this sock is sitting all by itself at the moment waiting for me to knit the second one. I'm actually not sure if I ever will, just because I wasn't really enjoying the pattern that much. We'll see.

So, after dealing with that complicated sock pattern and the issues I was having, I decided to knit a very basic sock. I get bored quite easily, so I didn't want to go with a totally vanilla sock, so I went with Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes. I absolutely love knitting these and they are coming along nicely. I added a contrasting heel and toe just to mix things up a bit. The main yarn I'm using is Malabrigo Sock in Arco Iris colorway. The contrasting yarn is Jagger Spun in the Mahogany colorway.