WIPs and Blooms

Spring is coming alive in my garden! I absolutely love this time of year with the feeling of renewal. It makes me want to start new projects and get out in the garden. All of the little wildflowers that we planted last year are popping up and some of the roses are starting to bloom.

I'm currently working on a pretty, textured hat and a shawl that is perfect for spring.

Pollen Hat by Andrea Mowry. Knitting with The Fibre Co. Organik in the Coral Reef colorway

I'm currently reading this book by Katie Daisy - How to be a Wildflower. I can't say enough good things about it. The illustrations and drawings in here are so lovely, and I just love the gentle reminders to enjoy nature and the outdoors. It's so calming, refreshing and inspiring.

Oceanbound by Melanie Berg. Knitting with A Verb for Keeping Warm Flock, dyed with indigo


I'm finding that I really enjoy playing with flowers and making little messages like this. Here's another I did today.

I think I'm on to something and will continue making these, and possibly make them into prints to sell on Etsy. :) I'm excited!

Until next time...

Lady by the Bay


One of my very favorite things is coming up with a new photo each day for whatever the prompt may be for the FMS Photo A Day Challenge. I've been participating in this challenge for a year now and I adore it. It keeps my creative juices flowing on a daily basis, and today just happened to be a really creative day for me. Today's prompt was "Hello." I think about the next day's photo the evening before, so last night I thought this morning I will go out and take a photo of some phone wires/poles and hope to catch some birds lingering on the wires, but when I got up this morning I just wasn't feeling it. So instead I grabbed the cut up stems from the carnations I trimmed, and created this. The response was overwhelming; it really brightened people's days and made them happy. That's all I ever want, to share images that make people happy. I hope this makes you smile and brings some joy to you. :)

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Lady by the Bay

Get Organized - Seed Packets

I recently planted a bunch of flower seeds in various containers. As I was doing this I started to wonder how I was going to remember necessary details about each flower and what container they were in. I knew I could place a small garden marker in each container to let me know which flower was in there, but I like to be able to look at details about each one from time to time, and I don't always like a garden marker sticking out of the containers.  The packets were too big to just tape to the bottom, I didn't want to fold each one up and tape it to the bottom only to have to unfold it to get info I needed and then put it back, and I definitely didn't want them taped to the outside of the container.  So I came up with the idea that I would just photograph each one next to its corresponding container.

As I would plant the seeds in one container I would then put the packet next to the container and take a picture with them together. I then took a picture of the back of the packet so I would have all of the pertinent information regarding that flower. I then uploaded the photos to my computer and created a diptych to show the front and back of the seed packet in one photo, rather than having to open two different ones when referencing back to it later on.

At this point you could just save that photo in a folder on your computer, but I like to also send it to Evernote (my absolute favorite app ever). With Evernote, you can pull that photo up, along with any note you wish to add to it, on any device, anywhere. So if someone asks you what kind of flower you have planted in a particular container, all you have to do is grab any device you have nearby and pull up that photo--it's all right there for you.

Another thing that's great about Evernote is that you can make notes about each type of seed. You can type in what day you planted them, when they started to sprout, how often you water them, rate them to know if you want to plant them again or not, etc.

So you can go from trying to keep track of where you put all those seed packets, and which one is planted in which container...

To this...

When you're dealing with a container like terra cotta, where it's not a unique container, what I do is use a Sharpie and give each one a number and then photograph it. It's small and not noticeable, but is very important to you when trying to identify your flowers.  You can just turn the pot where the number is not seen until you want to see it.

And I already have some sprouts, in just 5 days! :)

I think I have a lot of thinning to do with this one!

I hope this helps you. If you have any tips I would love to hear them!

Until next time...

Lady by the Bay