Little Old Man Cardigan

I was so excited when I found out a good friend was expecting a baby boy this year. I finally had an excuse to knit up this adorable little old man cardigan. I have two granddaughters, so I'm usually knitting up girly stuff, which I'm so happy to be able to do, but when you see something as cute as this little cardigan you can't help but want to knit it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I can't wait to see it on the baby. The tweed yarn really gives it that perfect little old man cardigan look. I added a little pocket as well. It was just as much fun shopping for the little outfit to go with it. :)

Pattern is Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. Knitted with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Nest colorway. Pocket accent is done with the same yarn in the Faded Quilt colorway.

Woodland Tales Mittens

I was excited to finally knit the beautiful Woodland Tales Mittens designed by

Melody Hoffmann

and published in the

Autumn 2015 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly

. I wasn't confident of my skills going into this and is why I put off starting them for so long. Well, they weren't as difficult as I thought. I really did enjoy knitting these and love the way they turned out.

I knitted them with yarn that was hand dyed by Melody herself and felt it was fitting to pair it with her design. It's a beautiful French wool that she dyed with heather and then over dyed with chockeberries. The color is amazing!

Selkie Shawl

I was fortunate enough to get to test knit this gorgeous shawl designed by Melody Hoffman of Mandarine's. She sent me the wool (Jamieson & Smith) to knit with. This was my first time knitting with Shetland wool and I must say I'm in love! Now I want to knit everything with it. I love her color choices, too. The lace work is so beautiful and I learned a new technique called the Latvian Braid.

The name she came up with for the pattern is Selkie and she tells a lovely story about that here.

I'm so happy with the way this shawl turned out.

Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2016. My year ended with tons of knitting and sewing. Most all of November and December were spent working on Christmas gifts for family and friends. I was able to get done all I wanted to except for one item, but that just makes for a sweet after Christmas gift. I think it's fun to receive something after, when you're not expecting it.

I can't believe I made all of this in 2015!

I have lots of new projects in my queue for 2016 and am really excited for this year. What's at the top of your list to make this year?

At the top of my list are the Simple House Slippers by Temple of Knit. I've been eyeing them for a while and can't wait to cast on.

A goal I have this year is to finally learn to knit socks. I found this tutorial by Susan B. Anderson and I'm going to finally give it a try. I have some fun Arne & Carlos sock yarn that I want to use for them.

I'm in love with these gorgeous mittens by Melody Hoffmann called Woodland Tales that was published in the Autumn 2015 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. I must knit these. 

I really want to do more sweater knitting and learn more about the process. As soon as I saw the Lila pullover in the Swoon Maine book by Carrie Bostick Hoge I knew I would have to knit it. It's a top down seamless knit and seems pretty straightforward. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to your year!

Seed/Moss Stitch Knitted Hat Pattern

Materials Used:

One skein of Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. colorway Dustweaver (90 yards super bulky yarn)

US 11 - 8.0 mm 16" circular needle or dpns

US 13 - 9.0 mm 16" circular needle or dpns

US 13 - 9.0 mm dpns


With smaller needle CO 44

K2, P2

Continue K2, P2 ribbing for 11 rows, or 2 inches

Switch to larger needle

K1, P1 until last st, purl front and back of last st. You should now have 45 sts on your needle.

Next rnd: P1, K1

Next rnd: K1, P1

Repeat last two rounds until hat measures 7.5-7.75 inches from CO edge. You can continue and make it longer if you would like a slouchy hat.

Begin decreasing:

Rnd 1: p3tog, k1. Repeat all the way around and purl the last stitch.

Rnd 2: P1, K1, repeating until end of round

Repeat these two rounds until only a few stitches remain, switching to dpns when necessary.

Break yarn and thread through remaining live stitches on your needle, pull tight to close the hat up. W

eave in ends.

There was plenty of yarn leftover to make a pom pom, so you can make one and add it if you like. I went with a faux fur pom pom I found at my local yarn shop.

Happy knitting!

Simple Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern

Here's a simple 2x2 ribbed hat that you can knit up in a couple of hours. I found this squishy soft Madelinetosh yarn that was perfect for it.

Lady by the Bay - Simple Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern

Materials Used:

One skein of Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. colorway Mare (90 yards super bulky yarn)

US 13 - 9.0 mm 16" circular needle or dpns

US 13 - 9.0 mm dpns


CO 52

K2, P2

Continue K2, P2 ribbing until piece measures 11 inches

Begin decreasing:

(switch to dpns when necessary)

Rnd 1: k2, p2tog, repeating until end of round

Rnd 2: k1, k2tog, repeating until end of round

Rnd 3: k2tog, repeating until end of round

Rnd 4: k2tog, repeating until end of round, knit last stitch

Break yarn and thread through remaining live stitches on your needle, pull tight to close the hat up.

Weave in ends.

Lady by the Bay - Simple Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern
Lady by the Bay - Simple Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern

Ombré Knit Hat Pattern

I wanted a simple hat to knit up quickly to add to my handmade Christmas gifts. I didn't want to use any special stitches or anything like that since the yarn itself is so pretty with its gradient and it didn't need anything like that. So this is what I came up with. You could easily knit this up in a day and have it ready to give at Christmas. :)

Materials Used:

Half a skein of Schoppel-Wolle Gradient in the colorway 1508 (approx. 140 yards worsted weight yarn)

US 5 - 3.75 mm circular needle or dpns

US 8 - 5.0 mm 

circular needle or 


US 8 - 5.0 mm 



CO 88 with size 5 needle

K1, P1 

Continue K1, P1 ribbing for 2 inches

Change to size 8 needle, k2, p2 for two rows 

Knit each row (stockinette) until piece measures about 6 inches from CO edge

For decreasing K9, k2tog, pm, repeat all the way around to beginning

Knit 1 round

Knit to 2 sts before the marker, k2tog, sm, repeat around to beginning

Repeat decrease round alternating with Knit 1 round until there are 10 stitches or so left,  (I can’t remember) switching to dpns when necessary. Break yarn and thread through remaining live stitches on your needle, pull tight to close the hat up.

Weave in ends.

Lady by the Bay Ombré Knit Hat Pattern

Holiday Knitting and Sewing

I started on my Christmas crafts in August. I now know to start on them in July next year. I don't think I'll be able to complete everything I wanted to. I have managed to finish some really lovely items though and am very happy to be able to give them this year. One of my very favorites were these fingerless gloves. How pretty are they? I knit them up with Quince and Co. Chickadee in the Camel Colorway. The pattern is

Margarete Fingerless Gloves by Sybil R

. They look complicated but really aren't. I love the little flower stitches in these.

I found some soft and cozy flannel to make some fringed throw blankets. Such an easy project and great gift!

I just finished knitting up this ombré hat with the leftover yarn from

these gloves

. And I also started knitting up some tiny Christmas bear ornaments for my granddaughters.

I've also finished the Campside Cardi I've been working on since September. I'll have to snap some photos and share them with you soon.

I hope you're enjoying whatever crafts you're working on to give this holiday season.

Northwoods Hat

If you're looking for a great gift that knits up quickly for this holiday season, this hat is perfect for you! This was such a fun little knit and it turned out great. I found this colorful yarn at Michael's of all places. I wasn't even looking for yarn there but this caught my eye. When I saw that it was 100% wool I had to try it out. It's Paton's Colorwul in the color Bramble. It knitted up so beautifully and is very cozy. The colors are perfect for autumn/winter.

The pattern is the Northwoods Hat by Kristine Vejar from her new book The Modern Natural Dyer.

I decided to give this hat away. I posted it on Instagram and asked people to just comment with a story of a random act of kindness they had done or had done to them. It was SO wonderful to read all of those heartwarming stories. You can head over here to read them all and feel inspired yourself. I'm getting ready to ship it off to the winner now but wanted to snap a couple of pics first and share this with you. :)

November Makes

I can't believe November is already over and we're into December. Where does the time go? 

My November makes certainly gravitated toward warm autumn colors. 

From top left to right:

Northwoods Hat by Kristine Vejar - Pattern is in her new book The Modern Natural Dyer, which I highly recommend. It is such a beautifully put together book with so much wonderful information on natural dying, as well as sewing and knitting patterns.

Margarete Fingerless Gloves by Sybil R

Organic cotton zippered bags - Available in my Etsy shop

Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio

Bohemian by Atelier Nordbrise

Handmade rope baskets - Available in my Etsy shop

Fishermans Wife Cowl by Kalurah Hudson and The Follow Me Shawl by Cabinfour

Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer

Treads Gloves by Victoria Anne Baker and handmade leather tote, my own design

Organic Cotton Bags

I recently got some more organic cotton and have sewn up a bunch more bags. I've also embroidered some sheep on some of them using 100% wool. They are now in my Etsy shop.

Mediterranean Baskets

I've been working on a Mediterranean theme with pretty blues and have a whole bunch of new pieces available in my Etsy shop now. Several of these items are also now available at Yonder in Pacifica, California. If you're in the area I hope that you will stop by and visit this beautiful shop.

Summer Sewing

It's been fun picking out cute fabrics to make some summer tops and rompers for my granddaughters. These are what I've made this past month, and I have several other items on my list of things to make. Now to find the time. :)

This cute little crochet yoke dress is a pattern from my friend Isabelle on Instagram. Her name on there is fluffyfibers. She lives in Southern France and makes the most adorable clothes for her daughter. She was kind enough to share her pattern with me to test out for her. I love how it turned out. I paired the yoke with with some sweet floral fabric by Bari J/Art Gallery Fabrics. It's Wind Melody in Soft from the Anna Elise Collection.

These little rompers are just perfect for summer and look oh so cute on my granddaughters. The one on the left was a pattern I found on Pinterest that was really just an extension of a diaper cover. I have to say that it wasn't written very well and I had some difficulties and wouldn't make it again, and don't  think I should share it here just to have you have the same issues. The one on the right though is a pattern by The Purl Bee and I adore it. It was so easy and fun to make. You can find the pattern here.

The fabrics I used are:

Left Romper: Joie de Clair from the Chic Flora Collection by Art Gallery Fabrics

Right Romper: Rosemilk from the Brambleberry Ridge Collection by Violet Craft 


Handmade/Hand Painted Rope Baskets

I started a subscription to Creativebug a couple of months ago and boy am I loving it!! I've already taken several classes on there and learned so much. One of my favorites was the rope basket making class. It sounded like fun so I decided to give it a try. Well, now I can't stop making them.

I think my favorite thing about making these baskets is that there's no pattern. It's wonderful to just be creative and experiment with the shapes and sizes. I've also painted some of the rope, which allows for even more creativity. Another fun thing is to play around with the thread color. The possibilities really are endless.

After receiving some really great positive feedback when posting pictures of my baskets on social media I decided to list them in my Etsy shop. So if you'd like to have one of these baskets for yourself, please head on over here and place your order. I encourage custom orders, so think up whatever color(s) you want and let me create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind basket for you. :)

Lady by the Bay - Handmade Hand Painted Rope Baskets

Lady by the Bay - Handmade Hand Painted Rope Baskets

Lady by the Bay - Handmade Hand Painted Rope Baskets

Lady by the Bay - Handmade Hand Painted Rope Baskets


Ice Cream Blooms

My garden is exploding with blooming roses at the moment. I have several David Austin Roses planted and they're all so beautiful. I decided to be a little creative with them this morning. Ice cream, anyone? :)

Happy Friday!

Lady by the Bay - David Austin Roses

The roses shown here are Grace, Strawberry Hill, Lichfield Angel, and Climbing Eden.

Lady by the Bay - David Austin RosesLady by the Bay - David Austin Roses

DIY Hula Hoop Play Tent

I've been seeing lots of really cute hula hoop tents on Pinterest and decided to try and make one for my granddaughter. The best tutorial I found out of all of them was this one by A Beautiful Mess. It was the most thorough of the ones I found and made me feel comfortable enough to try and make one on my own.

I used her formula to figure out what size to cut my triangles for the top and to have it work with the hula hoop I was using. This was super helpful! The 2-yard length for the fabric for the sides of the tent was just right if hanging from an 8-foot ceiling when you add the topper for the hula hoop and the hanger. I didn't add a border to mine as I thought it may be too much with the pattern going on in my fabric. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and my granddaughter loved it. She especially loved the horses on the fabric. The gorgeous fabric is by Art Gallery Fabrics, designed by Bari J. It's from the Anna Elise Collection and the pattern is called Encoloureful in Pretty.

This was a really fun project, not difficult at all, and brought so much joy to my granddaughter. It will be fun to watch her play in this for years to come.

Lady by the Bay-Hula Hoop Play Tent

Lady by the Bay-Hula Hoop Play Tent

Lady by the Bay-Hula Hoop Play Tent